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of two grown daughters. we will remember victoria soto. no one in this town will ever forget victoria soto, she died trying to protect the lives of her first graders. she was the oldest of four children. and, of course, the school principal dawn hochsprung. even little kids know when someone cares about them, and that was her. we will remember her as we remember all 26 lives lost in that school that day. 26 lives cut short friday morning at sandy creek elementary school here in newtown, connecticut. newtown is now the nation's heartache. it is our open wound. a whole so large that we're not sure god can fill it. something to hope for. his hope is, everyone's hope, as we bring you some moments from tonight's vigil, starting with first responders coming into the auditorium to a round of applause. [ applause ] ♪ >> we gather here in memory of 20 beautiful children and 6 remarkable adults. they lost their lives in a school. it could have been any school. in a quiet town full of good and decent people. that could be any town in america. here in newtown, i come to offer the love and praye
to remember sandy hook elementary teacher, victoria soto. >> you can see several people in the crowd were wearing green, that was victoria's favorite color. the first grade teacher was killed on friday morning. she died trying to protect her students, victoria soto was 27 years old. emilie parker was six years old, she is another victim of the tragedy and her father spoke publicly last night. he is the only parent to come forward publicly it talk about their terrible loss, because he wants everyone to know how special his little girl was. >> i would really like. >> to offer our deepest condolences to all of the families directly affected by the shooting. it's a horrific tragedy and we want everybody to know that our hearts and prayers go out to them. this includes the family of the shooter. i can't imagine how hard this experience must be for you. and i want you to know that our family and our love and our support goes out to you as well. my daughter emilie, would be one of the first ones to be standing and giving her love and support to all those victims. because that's the type of perso
, connecticut, to remember sandy hook elementary schoolteacher victoria soto. you know, you can see several people in the crowd were wearing green. that was victoria's favorite color. the first grade teacher was killed on friday morning. she died trying to protect her students. victoria soto was just 27 years old. >>> emilie parker was just 6 years old. another one of the victims of this tragedy. her father spoke publicly and very emotionally last night. he's one of the only parents to come forward to talk openly about their terrible loss. it's because he said he wants everyone to know how special his little girl was. >> i would really like to offer our deepest condolences to all the families directly affected by this shooting. it's a horrific tragedy and we want everybody to know that our hearts and our prayers go out to them. this includes the family of the shooter. i can't imagine how hard this experience must be for you. and i want you to know that our family and our love and support goes out to you, as well. my daughter, emilie, would be one of the first ones to be standing and giving
killed at sandy hook elementary school. among them, 27-year- victoria soto. her family says she died trying to protect her students. robbie parker lost his daugter emilie. >> "she always had something kind to say about anybody. she is an incredible person and i am so blessed to be her dad." the state medical examiner said he believes all the graders as police continue to search for evidence in the school, the community is trying to figure out just how to cope. " when tragedies like this occur, people often look for answers, an explanation of how this could have occurred. but the sad truth is, there are no answers. no good ones, anyway." "the mass shooting at sandy hook elementary school is a stark contrast to the feel you get walking thru this picturesque town. it almost feels like a norman rockwell been one homicide in the last ten years." police say 20-year-old adam lanza, seen here in a photo from 2005.killed his mother in her newtown home, then forced his way into the school friday, and opened fire, killing children and adults. lanza's aunt says she never imagined he could do suc
: >>> la maestra victoria soto o va de las vÍctimas es recordada como una heroÍna, ella escondiÓ a los nifrnls Ños de su clase e closet y fue un escudo humano. en una entrevista para el today show de nbc sus hermanos dicen que no les sorprendiÓ su valiente acciÓn. un dÍa gris, lluvioso donde cada corazÓn estÁ roto incluso de los mÁs esfuerzos tfuertes vÍa alyl. efectivamente maÑana serÁ el funeral de avictoria soto. y solamente necesitan apoyo, regreso. >>> quÉ duro todo, gracias sofÍa. hablando de funerales la familia de jenni rivera anunciÓ que este miÉrcoles pasado maÑana se llevarÁ a cabo el funeral pÚbli pÚblico de la artista la ceremonia que comenzarÁ a las 1 hora local, la familia piden no lleven ofrendas florales si no una rosa blanca y que apoyen con una donaciÓn a la fundacion de la artista. >>> la pregunta que todo el mundo sigue haciÉndose ¿cÓmo fue que sucediÓ el accidente que pa apagÓ la vida de jenni rivera y sus ocupantes? telemundo hablÓ con esquino el propietario de el aviÓn, julio?. >>> josÉ conversamos por mÁs de una hora con cristiÁn e
, en connecticut se despidiedon de victoria soto, la maestra de origen de puerto rico, considerada una heroÍna, los testimonios de familiares. la escuela sandy hook estÁ cerrada, otros niÑos de newtown, regresaron a clases, un joven que dice que conoce a la familia del asesino dijo por quÉ escogÓo esa escuela, otro compaÑero lo describe como muy inteligente, en los Ángeles se llevan cabo los preparativos para el adiÓs a jenni rivera, la diva de la banda, con esto comenzamos. >>> este es su "noticiero univisiÓn" edicion nocturna, con ilia calderÓn y enrique acevedo. >>> buenas noches, bienvenidos a la ediciÓn nocturna del "noticiero univisiÓn". pasaron 4 dÍ desde que supimos de la tragedia en newtown connecticut, las escuelas regresaron a clases, mientras siguen homenajes y recuerdos para los que no estarÁn fÍsicamente con los suyos. enrique buenas noches. >>> quÉ tal, buenas noches, lourdes. pues fue un dÍa de contrastes en sandy hook, como hablabas el regreso a clases de estudiantes, y 5 funerales y 4 entierros de la vÍctima de la tragedia. por momentos veÍamos cami
un dia muy difÍcil, tributo a familiares, recuerdan a victoria soto la maestra que dio su vida salvando a 16 alumnos, y habla el niÑero de a damos dice que de niÑo tenÍa conduta extraÑa pero que nunca imaginÓ xheft rÍa una matanza tan terrible, y en primicia habla con el noticiero el empresario mÉxico a un vinculado a el aviÓn en que murio jenny, y cristiÁn esquino dice que la nave estaba en buenos condiciÓn y que incluso la cantante iba a comprarla. >>> comenzamos. >>> este es, su noto skwier univisiÓn con jorge ramos y marÍa elena salinas. >>>♪. >>> quÉ tal muy buenas noches han pasado tres dÍas y tratamos de digerir la tragedia hasta la ciudad de newtown. >>> los padres han comenzado en una tarea dificilÍsima a se putoara a sus pequeÑos hijos que murieron en ese tiroteo, sin sentido y todo estadounidense pregunta hasta cuÁndo?. >>> tenemos una amo mra cobertura liderada por enrique en newtown, enrique bfrps. >>> buenas noches, fue un dÍa para de las familias dieron el Último adiÓs a las vick dlaims vÍctimas de la matanza del viernes en la escuela prima
victoria soto, who reportedly used her own body to shield her first graders from gunfire. her hometown celebrated her life and selfless act of love and devotion to her beloved students. >> i just hope that one day he'll know she's in a better place and died a hero. >> the pain, how those mothers must be feeling at this time, because this is my only child. i couldn't picture that. that's why i'm here today, because she saved a lot of kids' lives. >> it's for so many, unimaginable. victoria soto was one of the 26 people killed at sandy hook elementary friday. according to police, of the 20 children attacked and killed, eight were boys, 12 were girls. all six adult victims were women. good morning, everyone, although it's not. especially in connecticut. i'm jamie colby, welcome to a brand-new hour. >> i'm eric shawn. we're trying to come to terms with the incomprehensible. why the suspected shooter would do this and what prompted him to target the innocent. we're learning more about adam lanza as well as details about his family and what might have triggered this horrendous rampage. peter
, connecticut, remember victoria soto who grew up there. she was 27 years old. she taught first grade at sandy hook elementary. they were wearing those colors because that was her favorite color, green. jason carroll joins me now, more on the vigil. sounds as though the community really adored that teacher and tonight wanted to kind of show that in a very public way. >> you're exactly right, anderson. that's exactly what happened here tonight. the family saying that it basically all started on facebook with a facebook message, let's get together, let's find out a way to honor victoria, vicki, as her family and friends called her. victoria soto. that's what they did. they came out here tonight in front of her high school. this is where everyone knew her. everyone was talking about her saying she wanted to be a teacher ever since she was a little girl and they talked about how dedicated this young woman was to her students. in fact, she didn't even refer to them as students. she always referred to them as her kids, her children. and out here tonight, as you can imagine with her sister being here
and teacher victoria soto. classes will resume for sandy hook students january 2nd in nearby monroe. >> we're not sure what will happen to sandy hook. at this point, the teachers are telling me and the parents are telling me they don't want to walk back into that building. >>> the benghazi breakdown, the scathing findings of an independent investigation blames the state department from top to bottom. >> mistakes were made, lives were lost, and lessons need to be learned. >> there's no question that there were people within the state department that were remiss and did not execute in an appropriate way. >>> what will be the fallout for secretary of state hillary clinton? >>> and spidy senses activate, how did president obama get caught in the hero's web? >>> good day, i'm andrea mitchell live in washington. president obama has just held a mini news conference announcing a task force on guns led by joe biden and the state of negotiations which seem to be stalling over the fiscal cliff. joining me, managing editor of it was called to discuss the gun task force, but clearly t
and are experiencing their profession much differently as are so many americans today on the day victoria soto, among others, are being laid to rest, six in total. >>shepard: the president today says he wants new proposals on limiting gun violence no later than next month. the president says our gun laws are not the only problem. >> three state department officials are reportedly looking for new work today. it is over fallout from the benghazi attack. the report out today slammed the state department for poor security and leadership failures. we will have the details for you. the feds are hunting if these two convicted robbers who escaped from a high-rise chicago jail using bed sheets. that is all ahead unless breaking news changes everything. >> first from fox at 3:00 in new york city, it won't be easy but that is not an excuse not to try. the president announce add new effort to limit gun violence five day as after the gunman stormed sandy hook elementary school armed with semi-automatic weapons and killed 26. vice president biden will lead a team of cabinet members and lawmakers and outside groups
"amazing grace" at a candlelight vigil for victoria soto in her hometown. she moved her students from the classroom door when they heard the gun shots ringing out. she faced the gunman when he stormed in and he shot her. i spoke yesterday with two parents whose son, by what they call a miracle, made it out of that classroom alive. >> when they heard noises that he described initially they thought were hammers falling, then they realized that it was g gunshots and ms. soto, who was a aiden's teacher had the knowledge to move the children away from the door and that's when the gunman burst in, did not say a word, no facial expressions and proceeded to shoot their teacher. and they basically ran right next to the guy and out the door. >> they ran past him? >> he's still standing in the door and they ran past him and ran down the hallway and they're one of the closest rooms to the main entrance and aiden was, had the presence of mind to hold the door for one of his classmates and then another one of his classmates that was a little behind and waited for him and then they all ran to the ro
estudiantes, la directora y victoria soto, la maestra que salvo a los estudiantes al esconderlos en los closet de aula dónde enseñaba. >> trato de salvarlos hizo lo que más pudo. >> quien no se cansa de decir gracias es eugenio rousen. >> quiero decir a los padres de victoria, usted es un ángel, ella. >> eugenio es el vecino de la escuela, en su casa seis niños llegaron a refugiarse escapàndo de la masacre. >> los detalles del incidente eran tan terribles, que parte de mi alma no podia aceptar lo que decían. >> es un psiquiatra retirado, dice que intento llamar a los padres para que vinieran que buscarlo. >> algunos llegaron horas después . >> está mi hijo llegaban personas. >> pero jessie no era uno de los seis niños que estaban en su casa. >> estaba buscando un milagro de dios en mi casa, yo no podia darselo. >> son detalles que conmueve a esta comunidad que vienen a dejar juguetes para las víctimas o recibir un abrazo de alguien que está ahí para ofrecerlo. >> espero que uno no pase eso, hay que cuidar a los nietos de uno. >> otros buscan en las mascotas el contacto para expres
. > >> conmovedoras funerales y ahora tien los detalles . >>> un agente de honor con el cuerpo de victoria soto que s ele dio el ultimo adiós y se le recordara por los niños en la balacera. > >> intento salvarlos hicieron los qué más pudo . >>> el estuvo en casa en el momento del amasacre y la maestra viki fue una de las vicirtmas. >> > yo quiero ver los padres de ella y decir quelos niños están en el mundo por o que hizo ella. >> > el pequeño daniel soñaba con ser bomberos y dfueron a la iglesa a dar su ultimo adiós y tam fueron enterrados los niños y la escuela que también asistian niños hispanos. >>> empezaron a llorar y repetian " no podeos ir ala escuela no tenemos maestras la maestra soto se fue" . >>> una de las niñas que fue víctimas del amasacre será enterrada en utah y los demás en el mismo estádo . > >> y ahora estáremos hablando de que el gasto de seguridad aumente ente 30 al año y reformar las leyes de las ventas de armas no es fácil pero si podemos hacer algo al respecto . >>> como los informes están en el guardia y sus objetivo es proteger de la tragedia. >>>
in newtown, connecticut. family and friends attended funerals for victoria soto, the hero 1st grade teacher who died protecting her students. services were held for three additional students. attendees were overwhelmed by the loss. >> i just can't imagine. i have a cart daughter the same age. [ crying ] >> just the face and the smile and the happiness he had. >> the connecticut post newspaper reports daniel wanted to be a fighter when he grew up. to honor him, the newspaper says that more than 100 firefighters from connecticut and from new york showed up for his funeral. >>> we are already seeing freezing and subfreezing temperatures around the bay area. it's freezing up in santa rosa, 41 degrees in fairfield, 39 in half moon bay, 33 in pleasanton. very cold conditions. you can see the clear skies over the bay area. some coverage is starting to filter into the north bay. that could keep temperatures from reaching the 20s in a couple locations. but very cold conditions overnight. 20s and 30s through much of the bay area. tomorrow, increasing clouds as that storm that you just saw approache
. people wore green in honor of victoria soto who grew up in stratford. she was twenty-seven years old. and taught first grade at sandy hook elementary school. they are wearing her favorite color, green. it sounds as though the community really adored that teacher and really wanted to show that in a very public way. >> you're exactly right, anderson, that is exactly what happened here tonight. the family saying that it basically all started on facebook with a facebook message, let's get together. let's find out a way to honor victoria, vicky, as her family and friends called her, victoria soto. and so that is what they did, they came out tonight in front of her high school. everybody was talking about her, saying she wanted to be a teacher ever since she was a little girl. and they talked about how dedicated this young woman was to her students. and in fact, she didn't even refer to them as students. she always referred to them as her kids. and out here as you can imagine, with her sister being here, her brother being here, her parents being here, her cousin, as well, gathered together
and this is where we're going to have a candlelight vigil. this is where victoria soto graduated back in 2003. and, wolf, when i spoke to her family, earlier today, you really get more of a picture, more of a sense as you look at the picture there on your screen, you get a sense of who this woman was. that picture was the picture taken from the school, sandy hook elementary. her mother just got that picture last week. one of her mother's favorite pictures that that's the picture her mother says this is the image we want the world to see of our victoria soto. they describe her as a dedicated teacher. a woman who didn't call her students students. she called them, quote, her kids, every time she spoke about them. she actually herself wanted to be a teacher every since she herself was a little girl. and so, it was -- the family was especially proud when she became a teacher. she was really the rock of the extended family. she was the one who did secret santa every year during the holidays. but she's just really especially going to be missed. also here that you see here in the crowd are her family, he
bacon andd jessica rekoo... aad wakks foo daniel geraad barden and teacher victoria soto.. 3 as he community of newtown, ponnecticut begins the healing - process... help is pouring in from acroos the region.the newtoww post oofice says it's been taking calls non-stop... froo ppoole wanting to seed &pletters, care packagessand drawings froo children. so on mondayy.. he postal servvce peddcated a post office box tt send your wn condollnces... -&pwe've posted he address on our go to foxx bbltimore dot com slaah morning. 3 diik's ssorting goods is pulling certain types of shelvee... t stores around the ccuntry. pountry.the store says it's also removing all guns fromm its store nearest to newtown, connecticut. the retailer says the hange comes out of ressect for the victims andd families of last week's massscre at sandy ook eeementary. it's uncleaa how long the sttre will keep the sussension in place. -3 3 aaman is ccaaged in the double shooting ... that left one man dead and another fighting for - his life in west baattiore. t
diciembre del 20122, en connecticut se despidiedon de victoria soto, la maestra de origen de puerto rico, considerada una heroÍna, los testimonios de familiares. la escuela sandy hook estÁ cerrada, otros niÑos de newtown, regresaron a clases, un joven que dice que conoce a la familia del asesino dijo por quÉ escogÓo esa escuela, otro compaÑero lo describe como muy inteligente, en los Ángeles se llevan cabo los preparativos para el adiÓs a
player victor cruz. >> the college roommate of teacher victoria soto will always remember her best friend's amazing sacrifice. soto used her body to shield the first graders from the gunman. >> she loved her job and she loved them. i was not at all surprised that she would do this that she would protect them and give her life to save theirs. heartbreaking but i knew that's what she would do. these kids were her life. >> soto will be laid to rest tomorrow. >>> another tough day many more to come. thank you so much, ainsley. >>> it is time now for your 5@5:00. the top five making news at this hour. he represented hawaii from the time it became a state in 1959. the nation now mourning the loss of democratic senator daniel in inouye. >> he rarely called attention to himself. but to lived a remarkable life filled with dignity and grace of the true hero he was. >> pro-tem inawdiana n-- inouyes 88 years old. >> the benghazi terror attack is in the hands of secretary of state hillary clinton. it could reveal myth or ignore warning signs before the attack which left four americans dead. the leader
victoria soto, who reportedly shielded her young students as the gunman opened fire. >>> the medical examiner in charge of handling the more than two dozen victims today said he has never had to deal with an event of this magnitude. >> i've been at this for a third of a century and it's my sensibilities may not be the average man, but this probably is the worst i have seen. >> dr. carver went on to say all of the victims had been shot multiple times with a long weapon, presumably that semi automatic rifle that was found at the scene. >>> the mourning continues in newtown, connecticut, with family members and residents expressing their overwhelming grief at the tragedy. ktvu's john sasaki continues coverage from connecticut, where people are coming together to express their sorrow. john? >> reporter: ken, the scene is just up that hill behind me, but about 40 minutes from here in the city of stratford is a huge vigil tonight. thousands of people honoring all the victims of this heinous act, but especially teacher victoria soto. the entire state is in mourning, and it's especially deep
, directly toward the gunman. they were answered by victoria soto who hit her kids in the closet and died at shielding her students from the assassin. they have been answered by the thousands of individual acts of humanity that have overflowed when the people of -- from the people of new town in the days after the shooting. community pouring out love tried to help console this in calculable great. i went to the first of too many funerals this morning. the first thing we know is this. all of those wonderful faces that we see on tv and did the newspaper like noah pozner, they are a reminder that despite the terrible thing that happened and and said the hearts of us is this good this. that is all he had, goodness, and purity of spirit. they will survive this because they are), and they hurt more because they're close but can survive because they're close. they will get this inspiration from these 20 little children who are asking this town to remember how good they were. as they wrestle with this grief and recovery, the thoughts and prayers from others matter. i want to thank everyone here f
victoria soto de origen puertorriqueÑo. >>> soto se ha ganado el corazÓn de todos al darse a conocer que logrÓ salvar a sus estudiantes entre ellos dos varÓn y cuatro niÑoas que de alguna forma lograron escapar y llegar hasta esta casa ubicada cerca de la escuela. >>> aquÍ estaban sentados. >>> quÉ hizo usted Ñu. >>> dije, vamos, vamos dentro, vamos adentro. >>>. >>> fue entonces cuando escucho ora el relato de los niÑos. >>> dijeron, la maestra estÁ muerta, la maestra estÁ muerta. la seÑora soto estÁ muerta. >>> entonces, describieron que habÍa sangre saliendo de la boca de ella. entonces cayÓ al piso. >>> para tranquilizarlos buscÓ algunos juguetes de sus nietos que estÁn en la casa. >>> una de las muchachas era hispana y hablÓ con la mamÁ, y dice dile a tu mamÁ que estas bien, cuando ven asÍ los padres estaba yo tan contento. >>> una seÑora vino a mi puerta, a mi casa, y dijo. a mÍ, oi que habÍa seis niÑos en esta casa. >>> entonces me dio el nombre del hijo de ella, estÁ Él, estÁ Él?. >>> y dije no. >>>. >>> este abuelo dice estar agradecido a la maestra vi
. and i'm so blessed to be her dad. >> and tonight, a vigil was held for 27-year-old victoria soto, the first grade teacher was shot while trying to shield her students from the gunman. her family said she lost her life doing what she loved. and cbs news reporter michelle explains, she wasn't the only hero. >> reporter: the news that the six- and seven-year-olds had been shot multiple times further devastated an already prone community. sarah couldn't stop crying. >> they're just babies. you know, they're just babies. they shouldn't be taken away from their mothers an fathers. it's just awful. >> reporter: the children who survived were protected by their teachers. janet gathered her kindergartners in one coloneller. colonel -- in one corner. 18 years of teaching experience kicked in. >> we all got away from the windows, covered the windows, locked the classroom door. the children started to say at one point, i'm scared, and i said, i think we're going to be okay. i think somebody is on the roof making noises, trying to divert their attention. >> reporter: finally police told them
imposibles de ella, quiÉn jamÁs volvera a ver a victoria soto su amiga desde la infancia. >>> yo crecÍ con ella. >>> toda la primaria y todos los aÑos de las escuela nos graduamos de las mismas escuelas. >>> victoria soto llevaba cinco aÑos dando clases en la escuela una voc ciÓn que se trunco el viernes pasado, cuando el pistolero a damos entrÓ al salon de swlot la maestra de primer grado se convirtiÓ en heroÍna, y la madre de soto dijo que su hija era una mujer hermosa, una mujer ap pasada por su profesiÓn y por la vida, y sobre todo por su familia, y ella quiso ser pase otra desde los 3 aÑos, y es lo Único que querÍa y adoraba a sus alumnos, hablaba de ellos todo el tiempo, no me cabe la duda que hizo todo lo de pudo para salvar a cada uno ellos. >>> de acuerdo con testimonios vicky soto tras encerrar a los niÑos en un armario engaÑÓ al pistolero diciendo que estaban en el gimnasio tras lo cual el hombre la seso mÓ y abandono su salÓn de clases. >>> un actos de valor que ha dado la vuelta al mundo en la preparatoria donde estudio la maestra de origen puertorriqueÑo se le
-year-old victoria r soto.she'' the teachhr at sandy hook elementary school who rushed her students into a closet and died tryyng to shield them from the bullets. soto... was from stratforr..he strret they wanttcchnged... actually runs in front of tte high school. today... police are reportedly pushhd a man to his death on a new york subway this monnh... something like this has happened. happened.take a look at thh surveellance vvdeo of the woman they believe is the suspect. witnesses say she was pacing on the train ppatform in ueens... talking to peat. when the trainnwas pulling into the station... she allegedly got up... pushed the man onto the ttacks... yet identified the victim.not p3retiieddgeneral norman schwarrkopp... who ame to be knnwn as "stormin' norman"... has died.schwarzopf passed awaa ii tampa last night.his complications from pneumonia.. sccwarzkopf commanded 90's... leading the rly - international coalition that drove saddam husseinns forces out of kuwait in 1991. sccwaazkopf was 78-years-old. coming up on the early &pedition... a year of wcked w. weather.the de
and principal of their school. the teacher, 27-year-old victoria soto was credited with saving half of her classroom by hiding the children in a closet and then telling shooter, adam lanza, there were in a different area of the school. the principal, 47-year-old dawn hochsprung, was reportedly shot dead after lunging at lanza in an effort to stop the shooting. six more funerals are being held today. at the white house, president obama formally announced the appointment of joe biden to form a new white house-led effort to reform the gun control policies. >> i have asked the vice president to lead an effort that includes members of my cabinet and outside organizations to come up with a set of car proposals no later than january , up with a congress that proposals delivered in january. this is not something where folks will be stepping the issue for six months and publishing a report that gets read and then pushed aside. this is a team that has a very specific task, to pull together real reforms right now. >> more on the newtown massacre and gun control and violence after the headlines. talks
himself but wait for his friends to make sure they were safe. but, tell us about victoria soto. because we understand, it is coming out that this 27-year-old, first grade teacher actually tried to persuade the gunman not to shoot and put herself in front of the gunman and lost her life trying to save her children. tell us about her. >> you know, i -- the school year was relatively knew, my wife knew her a little bit better than i did but i did meet her on one occasion and my wife spoke very highly of her. she was a very caring, compassionate young woman. and, not only did she love her kids, they loved her, in return. she was very special. and, we'll always remember her. >> chris: and lynn and joe, there were other remarkable acts of bravery, none greater than the principal, and we understand when she heard the gunfire, she ran towards it and apparently lunged at the shooter trying to save the students and ended up losing her own life. tell us about dawn hocksprung. >> dawn was phenomenal, i had sent here just about every morning, alexis is part of the before and after-school program at the
beyond words. >> reporter: teacher victoria soto will be laid to rest today and parents will bury more children. parents of grace mcdonald say they take comfort in the thought that her daughter is with her friends. >> i invision them holding hands and their all together up there and up there with their wonderful principal. >> reporter: at a vigil last night for principal dove sprung the top says their face will -- their faith will not waiver. today we are expecting that the president will announce hi hao hissed a -- how his administration plans on moving forward to address the country's fun policy. >> the national rifle association says it will hold a major news conference on friday and prepared to offer meaningful contributions to the debate on gun control. in the fist statement the nra says the national rifle association of america is made up of four million moms and dads sons, a and daughters and we were shocked and saddened. they will not comment on the newtowshoong iediately out of respect for the families. the powerful gun rights group says it wants to be part of the national dia
to yosoto is being -- victoria soto is being buried today. family members are saying goodbye to five other innocent lives including 7-year-old daniel barwin. he was a first grader on the swimming and soccer teams. there's new information about the gunman. there are reports his mother could longer handle him and he became upset after learning she was taking steps to have him committed to a psychiatric facility. the chief medical examiner said he's searching for any genetic clues that could help explain the shooter's behavior and the l.a. times reports that he stopped speaking to his father and brother in 2010. >>> the bay area continues to show support for victims an families in the shooting. at this hour, the archbishop of the archdiocese of oakland is holding a mass. the service is open to the public. the cathedral is located on harrison street in oakland. >>> last night in pleasanton there was a big -- big outpouring for a candlelight vigil. it was organized by students and parents at henry moore elementary. the event also raised money for the victimsant their -- and their families. clic
, including one for teacher victoria soto, the 27-year-old died while trying to hide her students. the chief medical examiner is taking another approach to could having clues about the shooting of the law enforcement is hoping a gwinnettist can provide answers into the behind -- a againist can provide answers into the mine. again man. laura anthony will have a report tonight at 5. you can sign up for our breaking news alerts at >>> traffic is moving slowly once again on i-5 this morning after a massive chain reaction crash near the oregon border north of yreka near the town of hornbrook. the freeway was shutdown all night, up to 60 cars and trucks were involved, 16 were hurt, eight taken to the hospital, chp says the mess was caused by black ice and people driving too fast. >> this morning we didn't have black ice although i was cold enough. >>> we had thick frost this morning. good morning. here's the set-up as you look at live doppler, radar and satellite superimposed, you don't see radar returns, don't see satellite returns until you get well north those were the things that
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smashed it to pieces. today there were services for four children, the principal and teacher victoria soto. paul simon is a friend of soto's family and he sang one of her favorite songs. sandy hook survivors will return to school in january, but at a different school. crews are decorating their classrooms to look like their old school. >>> the president called on congress to work on an assault weapons ban. he plans to released new policy proposals to reduce gun violence. >> the fact that this problem is complex can no longer be an excuse for doing nothing. the fact that we can't prevent every act of violence doesn't mean we president cay steadily steadily -- does president mean we can't steadily reduce the violence. >> they will give the recommendation in january. >> the mourners received support from a sikh congress tbraw gages in -- congregation in fairfield. after a vigil thisy discussed issues such as guns and mental health. they also invited people of all religions to join them and further the conversation. stay with abc7 news for continuing coverage of the school shooting tragedy in
the task of identifying all the victims, including 27-year-old hero teacher, victoria soto, who threw herself in front of the gunman to shield her stunts, and the principal, dawn hochsprung, who tried to stop the shooter and paid with her life. emily parker was remembered by her father. >> we want everybody to know -- this includes the family of the shooter. reporter: we know that all of the chirp who lost their lives were just six or seven years old. all first-graders, just barely beginning their lives. >> ama: 27-year-old vicky soto was a substitute teacher. family members say they spent agonize hours after the shooting wondering what happened to her. >> at that point was the hardest for the whole family, the waiting game, to receive word on what happened to vicki's class. >> vicki had her students hide behind her in a closet, protecting them from the gunman when she was shot and killed. >>> other victims include 30-year-old lauren reduce saw, a teacher, mary sher sherlach was the excuse me expoirn toad to stop the killer, and nancy lanza, the mother of the killer, was killed earlie
a very giving child. was just a very, very nice ceremony. >> reporter: 27-year-old victoria soto was remembered today for her heroism, for hiding students in closets, then trying to shield them from a hail of bullets. >> vicky died a hero, she was protecting her children, which she loved very much. she didn't call them her students. she called them her kids. >> reporter: today her fellow teachers were still looking out for their students, preparing for the eventual return to class. moving trucks passed the memorials that lined the roads here, hauling furniture and just about everything else from sandy hook elementary school to their new campus. officials are working overtime here at chuck hill middle school in nearby monroe, connecticut. inside, teachers and officials are working around the clock to recreate sandy hook elementary room by room with painstaking detail. using photos taken inside the school, they're creating a carbon copy of each classroom from what was on the walls, right down to the crayon left in the desk. exactly as it was friday when the school day was savagely
the grim task of identifying off the victims, including 27-year-old hero tischer, victoria soto, who threw herself in front of the gunman to shield her students, and the principal, dawn hochsprung, who dried to stop the rampage and paid with her life. one child is remembered by her father. >> we want everybody to -- this includes the family of the shooter. reporter: and we you know that all of the children who died were just six years old and seven years old, only in first grade, and now they won't gate chance to grow up. live in newtown, abc-7. back to you. >> ama: it's hard to hear the exteriors coming out, the parents and how they must be feeling. have we heard from other families of the tragedy? reporter: yes. they're beginning to come out and give statements. one family of the school psychologist said the school coalition was doing god's worked. she really believed that, and now, of course, she's gone. >> ama: thank you for the update. we appreciate all you have been doing in connecticut. >> we're getting more information today about the gunman who employs identified as 20-year-old ad
victoria soto will be laid to rest, parents will bury more children. parents say they take comfort in the thought their daughter is with her friends. >> i envision all of them holding hands, they are all together up there with the wonderful principal. >> reporter: the investigation into lanza cnn reporting toxicology tests are underway to determine if he had been taking medication prior to the murders. investigators are trying to get information from his smashed commuter. cnn says -- smashed computer, cnn says they've been unable to get data from it. katie marzullo, abc7 news. >>> across the country people are still finding ways to deal with their emotions from the tragedy, including many who turned pout for a candlelight vigil in pleasanton they came to console through words, music and art one man says he's heartbroken at a time of year when people should be celebrating life. no one was more moved than ann fisher who grew up with one of the shooting victims, vicki soto. >> i called 5:30 that night and vicki did not make it, she was one of the teachers who was killed. ♪ amazing g
of unconscionable evil, you have looked out for each other. >> reporter: 27-year-old victoria soto died shielding some of her first graders from the bullets. >> she is truly a hero. [ crying ] and it's very likely because of her that our son is with us today. >> reporter: school officials say the surviving students won't have to return to the sandy hook elementary school building anytime soon. they will attend classes at another location. as the grieving continues, efforts are under way to resalvage some semblance of normalcy. we have seen moving vans down this road transferring materials from sandy hook elementary school to the new location where the children will eventually be going back to school. reporting live in newtown, connecticut, i'm randall pinkston. back to you. >> randall, i wanted to ask you in the aftermath of this one of the things that's come up is gun control and the suggestion that maybe we need to take meaningful measures. with respect to that, do you hear much of that from the parents of these children or from the people in the community? is that something that they seem to b
, was remembered for her love of animals and the color pink. and at teacher victoria soto's funeral, the crowd was large. soto has been held as a hero for shielding the kids from the gunman. inside the church, singer paul simon performed sound of silence. ♪ ♪ the sound of silence ♪ >> now, we've learned that the gunman's mother was on vacation the day before the shooting. according to cnn, nancy lanza checked into a luxury hotel and checked out thursday afternoon. she was by herself and friends say she often took mini vacations, leaving her son alone in the house. >>> and there's still no clear evidence as to what triggered adam lanza's rampage. the medical examiner is bringing in a geneticist to see if lanza might have had a medical condition that could have played a role. investigators are also waiting for toxicology results to see if lanza was on any medication. >>> president obama promising near action to curb gun violence. >> i will use all the powers of this office to help advance efforts aimed at prevents more tragedies like this. we won't prevent them all, but that can't be an
. bagpipes also played for 27- year-old teacher victoria soto, as mourners packed a church in nearby stratford for her funeral. soto has been hailed as a hero for shielding her students from the gunman. >> she gave her life for those kids. it breaks my heart. >> reporter: well-wishers placed more stuffed animals at the memorial set up to honor the 20 children and 6 teachers. >> it makes me really sad. i mean, we brought the stuffed animals because we wanted to give the children a christmas. >> i had twin girls that are 6- year-old old and in elementary school and it really hit hard. >> reporter: many say seeing all the flowers, balloons, candles and toys is sad but also inspiring. >> when you see this display, now that there's still love in the world. >> reporter: an outpouring of support for families who are enduring unmeasurable loss. connecticut's governor has declared friday a day of mourning and has asked churches to ring bells 26 times at 9:30 a.m. one for each victim to mark a week since their deaths. more on the developments from newtown coming up on the "cbs evening news" an
in newtown. tonight the mourning is well under way. in the past two hours this vigil was held for victoria soto, the first grade teacher shot while trying to shield her first grade students from the gunman. her family says she lost her life doing what she loved. she was 27 years old. a live report from sandy hook in a moment but first, cbs 5 reporter don knapp is at a vigil in san francisco's dolores park. don. >> reporter: ann, even though we are a continent away from what happened in newtown, connecticut, people in san francisco in the bay area very much touched and troubled by what happened here. there was a vigil tonight one of about 16 or 17 around the bay area suggested by people decided to come down and bring their own candles. they stood in the rain and talked about what happened and offered each other support and talked about the title of their get together which is vigil to end gun violence. some people say even though we have a lot of violence in the united states, what happened this time with so many children may be the tipping point. one of those people is natalie
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